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The Future is Yours

We often look at pictures to remember the past, but are you ready to picture your future? For children and teenagers, the future brings limitless possibilities. Financial education from your credit union can be instrumental in helping them achieve their goals.

This April, we celebrate National Credit Union Youth Month with the 2019 theme: “The future is yours…Picture it! Save for it! Share it!” Together, we’re encouraging young members to express themselves through photography, sharing their visions for their own financial futures so we can help them get there. By staying true to credit union philosophy in an engaging new way, we can set our young members on the path to financial awareness and security.

To help get our young members started on saving for the future we will make a deposit of $10 to new youth accounts opened during the month of April (after 60 days). New youth members will also receive a special goodie bag during youth month.

Fostering Komfort

We will also be raising money and collecting donations for JCEO's "Fostering Komfort". Fostering Komfort is a project of JCEO's Community Action Angels & the Plattsburgh Kiwanis Breakfast Club. The goal is to provide a backpack with comfort items for children entering into foster care or transitioning between foster homes.

Each backpack has age-appropriate items, so the child can be more comfortable in their new environment. If  you choose to make a cash donation and would like it to be purchased for something specific (approx. cost listed), please let your teller know. Items needed (only new items please) are:

-Diapers ($10)
-Wipes ($2)
-Stuffed Animal ($10)
-Fleece Blanket ($15)
-Books ($6)
-Crayons/Markers ($3)

-Toothbrush ($2)
-Toothpaste ($2)
-Baby Wash ($5)
-Shampoo/Conditioner ($6)
-Deodorant ($4)
-Small Toy ($10)

Odd Squad Play Date

DFCU is also co-sponsoring the Odd Squad Play Date at Mountain Lake PBS on April 13th - we hope to see you there!