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DFCU Now Offering Financial Couseling to Membership


By: Anna Hewitt-Channell

DFCU Now Offering Financial Couseling to Membership

We are thrilled to announce a new perk for our valued DFCU members!

We are proud to offer our Live Well Financial Wellness Program operated by our own CUNA Certified Financial Counseling Team, Codie Peryea-Parnaby (New York Road) and Danielle Branham (Tom Miller Road)!

The team has dedicate themselves to helping make member's financial wellness more attainable. Their passion for helping our membership has made Live Well come to life! 

Dannemora FCU is now offering FREE Financial Counseling with our CUNA Certified Financial Counselors by appointment. Codie and Danielle can help you do the following:

  • Develop a healthy budget
  • Set-up an emergency savings
  • Set up your financial goals
  • Provide a smooth transition to GreenPath
  • And MORE!

Through Live Well, our Financial Counselors will be available to schedule personal 1-on-1 meetings with our members to get budgets organized and ready for the year (or years!) ahead. Financial planning now means financial success later on in your future! Our goal is to help you live a stress-free life and plan accordingly for life's little emergencies.

Our Financial Counselors are currently located at our Tom Miller Road and New York Road branches. If you have a preference in which branch you want to meet at, please add that to the email.

All Membership is welcome to schedule an appointment with our counselors and we urge you to do so! Codie and Danielle are so excited to help you plan ahead and meet with you!

To schedule an appointment with Codie or Danielle email us directly at [email protected] or contact us directly at 518-825-0323. 

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